3 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. You are a brilliant poet dear sister Hind. And you make yourself vulnerable. I shall never think of you in quite the same way again, But that is not meant as a bad thing. I know you better because of the rawness of your poetry. William


    1. Isn’t it strange how a few words can change how one thinks of you?

      I am overwhelmed by your unexpected comment.
      I’m not sure what you mean by making myself vulnerable. I have a hunch but I need more about that, please 🙂
      Your words mark the day I think of myself of as a poet with some talent.

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  2. Regarding your vulnerability and in answer to your question: you are honest about your deepest most private thoughts, which is the mark of a great writer. But it comes at a cost. Friends, family, see your words. Therefore it takes courage. But at a deeper level, it is rare for people to be honest with themselves, to view themselves and understand what passions and pains drive them. Most people cover that side of themselves rather than deal with the raw underbelly of their souls.

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