Chased by Two Syllables

A WAM : A woman  in a box of two syllables

She’s mare that’s too dark, too fat
their cant of this and that
chained to two syllables


She can’t, she’s chained to two syllables
Can you smell hell on this breath, mixed with heaps of onion
sand storms, heat, sweat
She’s chained to two syllables


They’re all fretting, anxious
galloping the course, mares alongside
stallions chased by two syllables


She’s a WAM, a woman, Arab and a Muslim

in a box of two syllables


a Selfie

You dared me for a selfie
You wanted to look
You wanted to see how real
are my lilies, my pearls and the valleys
how real is my green
how deep are my sorrows
why throbbing yet clean

Here’s my closeup
with daring I took
so shape with my shadows
My meadows are steep
My fairies are scary
My water is sharp
I dare you
come closer
I dare you to stare